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My name is Jason Quinlan. I have been a professional SEO and Internet marketer since 1997. SEO is the only job I've had in 20+ years, and trust me, that's hard to do. You have to roll with constant changes in the Google algorithms. My unorthodox SEO methods helped me stay ahead of the curb, one of them was using Google Cards very early on. Now I would like to share with you some of the awesome things you can do other search engine professionals either aren't doing or sharing publicly. In this course, I tell you everything that's helped me keep a competitive edge for years using Google Cards.

About This Site

What is YouTube Card Tricks?

For one, it is the most complete guide to YouTube Cards that has ever existed. A bold statement, I know. The fact is, there is not one facet of Google cards on April 11, 2016, not covered in these lessons. YouTube cards did not come out of beta till just recently. You did not hear a big announcement they just rolled them out, and as they moved, YouTube was quietly sneaking in a lot of new features that you would not even know about unless you'd been tirelessly working for clients optimizing their YouTube channels. However, what about annotations? We have bad news for annotations fans. Annotations are dead; Youtube has not formally put them to rest, but because they do not work on mobile devices they are not reaching 60% of traffic. Let's call annotations 60% dead for now.

So what are the benefits of using Google cards? They are numerous:

1. CHANNEL HEALTH: YouTube cards give you the ability to be a traffic conductor for people watching your videos. Remember, a search engine owns YouTube, so it thinks like a search engine. So you could take many of the standard SEO practices and apply them to YouTube. What does YouTube reward: Interactivity (#1), watch time, view count, subscribers, embeds video, and links. All of these factors, Especially engagement, can be increased by using Google cards.

2. THE 5 MINUTE AFFILIATE SITE: If you were an affiliate, I do not recommend going head to head with other Internet marketers day-in-and-day-out. Why face-off against people you know are also master marketers when you can take a hobby (almost anything) and start making videos of it and have an affiliate site up in five minutes using Google cards. No hosting required. I do a case study in this course revolving the mountain biking niche.

3. THE 3 MINUTE SQUEEZE PAGE: If you are going to be an affiliate, it is best to Connect with a warm audience. I will show you how to set up a squeeze page in 3 minutes. Again, no hosting, Analytics or search console is required.

4. DOING POLLS CORRECTLY: The "dead simple" way to set up polls to drive engagement on your videos through the roof. This works with any niche.

5. CARD TARGETS: I will show you some surprising ways you can use Google cards to push traffic you probably already have set up, but just didn't know it. Also, I will show you how to create additional free card targets on popular sites like Tumblr.

6. LINK BUILDING WITH CARDS: Yes, you can do that too. A great card from a poplar youtube account will count more than a spammy one and so on.

7. COOL TRICKS: I will show you some neat tricks you can do like inserting a phone number into cards, and an excellent Pinterest method.

8. HOW TO USE CARDS IN GOOGLE HANGOUTS / WEBINARS: I bet you did not know you could do this. You can put your cards into Live events and GOOGLE Hangouts. I show you how to do it live.

9. CARD SILOS: Just like playlist silos or website silos, you can use cards and the silo method to keep the Google spiders running in circles on your channel.

10. STAYING OFF YOUTUBE AND GOOGLE'S "PEST LIST": Want to know a fool proof strategy for turning yourself from a "Pest SEO"? Pay Google! Without spending a fortune, you can considerably increase your organic reach for just a few dollars a month. Google comes off their high horse when you buy Adwords or one of their domains to use as an affiliate site, plus it instantly integrates with Google cards.

11. FAN FUNDING / FEATURED CHANNEL: Did you know you can just ask for free money from fans on your Youtube account? You can.

WHAT IS THEORETICAL VIDEO SEO? In this last portion of the sales letter, I am going to be you 100% honest. I hate those get rich scheme sales letters promising intangible results. Some of these things I've had no time to test because they came out last week. You have to look at it like this, one of the main reasons link building campaigns fail because the links NEVER GET INDEXED BY THE SEARCH ENGINES. With Google Cards THE LINKS ARE IN THE SEARCH ENGINES THEMESELVES -- DIRECTLY IN THE VIDEOS! Now there is no way you can tell me that Google does not know that there's a LINK IS COMING FROM INSIDE GOOGLE ITSELF! To think otherwise would just be ludicrous. Also, Google has many toys. They want you to play with ALL OF THEM, and they reward you for it! Take for example live streaming from Wirecast. For a few months, videos were getting boosted just because they were using this method even though the video quality looked like crap. Just one reason, I say Google likes you using their toys! However, I do not have a Time Machine to go traveling at a year into the future to tell you if I am right or wrong, but I am 99.9% sure I am right. So why not starting getting a head-start on your competition now? Before everyone is abusing Youtube Cards! Regardless, this cutting-edge Internet marketing course is $5. That is right, five red-hot American dollars. That is the price of a Starbucks and after taking this course, you will be a Google Card expert.

Peace, out,
Jason Quinlan

SECTION 1: Why Youtube Cards?

Lesson 1:

Annotations Are Dead / YouTube Cards Rule

SECTION 2: Youtube Card Basics

Lesson 2:

And Intro To Youtube Cards

SECTION 3: Types Of Youtube Cards

Lesson 3:

Driving Traffic With Youtube Cards


Lesson 4:

New Custom Messaging

Youtube Card Tricks

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